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Sensory Test

We experience the world through our five senses. It's different for everybody what specific sense is preferred. Discover your sensory talent and rate the next 20 statements. Once you are finished, the results will be sent to you by e-mail.

Personal details


I often speak using my hands.

To me, food means quality of life.

I can particularly enjoy nice architecture.

When I hear a strange sound at night, I get out of bed to find its source.

I find good lightning in a room very important.

When a friend wears a new fragrance, I immediately notice.

I am good at recognizing various ingredients in a meal.

I often recognize people just by hearing their voice.

For me, touch is an essential part of intimacy.

I like to make music.

I recognize my friend’s or family’s house by its particular smell alone.

If I have to take potluck and I don’t like what I am served, it negatively affects my mood

When taking in new knowledge, I learn best by reviewing the information more than once.

I can get bothered when I quietly hear my neighbours’ music.

I quickly notice when somebody changes their appearance in any way.

When in conversation, I often subtly touch my conversation partner.

I learn best by repeating the information out loud.

When buying something, the feeling of the product material is very important to me.

I have a photographic memory.

I remember the essence of documents by writing it down.

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